Tubular heat exchangers have different functions in different installations. Whether a plant has one or more heat exchangers, they serve as a testcase for building any installation.

That is because, although the principle of tubular heat exchangers may seem to be simple, their diversity in function may require careful thought when designing an installation. It is certainly of importance when this engineering is done with an ‘overall view’ in mind. Maybe some heat exchangers are not really necessary. Maybe other tubular heat exchangers can be designed more efficiently.

Whether your installation may require smaller or larger heat exchangers, efficiency is key. Efficiency should be based on hands on experience as well as in-depth knowledge.

Klip BV from the Netherlands would like to think of itself as a contractor that combines both experience and knowledge. The company has expertise in all kinds of sectors, from the food industrie to the energy sector.

Tubular exchange heaters can indeed be found everywhere. If you may think that you we could broaden our horizon as partners, then Klip thinks the same. Our core value does not only consist of ‘sticking to our agreement’ but also of ‘always wanting to learn along the way’. Tubular exchange heaters may serve as a good starting point.