Superduplex is renowned for its superior qualities in any installation or plant. However, the question is whether the application of superduplex is always necessary.

When taking into account the material costs of any installation or plant, one has to consider the preconditions that should be beyond dispute: reliability, durability and safety.

However, the question arises whether these three preconditions can be met, while, at the same, adhering to a cost effectiveness that goes hand in hand with overall effectiveness.

Superduplex could indeed be part of any solution, but in particular cases need not be. In order to include or maybe exclude superduplex, it is of importance to not only have knowledge of materials, but also of engineering capabilities. In these engineering skills lay the knowledge whether superduplex should be a part of the solution (or not).

Klip BV from the Netherlands wants to communicate to customers that the application of any material (superduplex, fiber, 1.4462) can be subject to discussion. Based on the expertise on part of the contractor, the right solution can always be found.

If you would like to discuss any plan you may have in moving your installation or plant forward (including the application of superduplex), then we would like to discuss with you which parts of our service might be of use to you.