Pipework contractors can be found in any shape of size. Choosing isn’t that easy, especially not since so many disciplines are involved: engineering, manufacturing, contracting and revision.

Apart from the activities that pipework contractors consider to be their own, there is always the question of reliability. This reliability not only has to do with an Usme U-stamp or the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive from the EU), but also with the way pipework contractors take care of the concerns of the customer.

Klip BV from the Netherlands wants to be a contractor that is not only an ‘one stop’-address for all imaginable activities that pipework contractors have to offer, but also – and especially – an address where some core values are adhered to.

These core values are: always sticking to any agreement, involvement & craftmanship as a natural combination, always wanting to learn. We want to belong to that family of pipework contractors.

Speaking of ‘family’: we have a wide range of customers from all kinds of backgrounds: farmaceutical, energy, process industry. If you want to make a choice between all those pipework contractors around you, we hope you will consider Klip.