Our Engineering Department designs pipework and equipment for a range of applications.

In the design process, our engineers are in constant contact with our production departments to check that the design concepts can be realised in a high-quality, efficient manner.

  • The Engineering Department provides:
  • GAD design drawings based on P&ID specifications
  • Manufacture of drawings for Production
  • Strength calculations and pipe stress checks
  • CE marks in accordance with PED and other directives (such as ASME)
  • Isometric drawings

Our long years of experience make us the ideal partner to address your engineering issues and assist you through approval processes. You will come to appreciate the practically-minded, no-nonsense approach of our Engineering Department, which is geared towards considerations of practicality and efficiency. We like to keep lines of communication simple: you will be dealing with a single point of contact who will be familiar with all aspects of your project.