Klip has many years of experience in the prefabrication and assembly of all types of pipe systems, for an equally diverse range of applications. The scope of these projects also varies enormously: it can range from a single pipe to manufacturing the pipework for an entire plant.

Manufacturing and assembling pipe systems has been part of Klip’s core business for decades. We continue to take pride every time we deliver our prefab pipework ready to be assembled in one straightforward operation; this is the result of experience and skill built up over many years.

We maintain separate workshops for carbon steel and stainless steel. We also have extensive experience in processing all kinds of materials. Our welders and welding processes are  capable of handling both conventional and more exotic materials. Whether you require thick-walled piping or Swageloks, superduplex or fibre-reinforced plastic, we are at your service.

As well as manufacturing pipework, we are equipped to carry out inspections and tests. We can produce all the reports and certification you require for:

  • Non-destructive laser testing
  • Low-stress annealing
  • Staining and passivation
  • Interior and exterior preservation
  • Pressing and leak testing
  • Drying and cleansing pipework
  • Installing covering units and packing
  • Bolt tensioning
  • Approval and certification by a Notified Body
Mechanical Engineering