Skids & Modules

The construction of skids and modules brings together a range of specialist skills. Klip’s strength here is that all aspects of skid and module construction have been a core part of our operations for many years. This means that moving into the production of skids and modules was an obvious choice, one which has since proven to be very successful.

Constructing skids and modules involves close collaboration between Engineering, the Quality Assurance Service, Project Management, Purchasing and Planning This applies to the prefabrication of pipework, frame equipment and process equipment, but also to the major, complex interactions between the customer, suppliers and inspecting bodies.

Through the years, we have proven that we have mastered the complex interplay that defines the construction of skids and modules.

Klip believes in delivery within agreed deadlines and meeting the highest standards.

We are very much aware that customer focus and flexibility are key when constructing skids and modules. We would be very pleased to discuss with you how we can translate your wishes and requirements into a practical collaboration.