U stamped pressure vessels should be a natural notion in any installation. This is not only because the safety of the installation can be guaranteed by the notification of an independent body, but also because the parameters set forth for maximum pressure can be adhered to unequivocally.

Pressure vessels should indeed function unequivocally, both in terms of safety and effectiveness. Especially the latter one cannot be guaranteed by an independent body. Effectiveness finds its roots in both engineering and manufacturing.

Klip BV from the Netherlands can deliver U stamped pressure vessels. The company is keen to stress that in fact here deliberations begin and not end. When effectiveness is at play, expertise is of importance.

Klip started in the Netherlands in 1947 as a pipework contractor, but now is an overall contractor with customers all over the world, whether these concern the food or farmaceutical industry or the energy sector. In any sector where (U stamped) pressure vessels are a legal prerequisite or an internal must, we like to think of ourselves as being capable to function as a ‘one stop’ address. If you would be interested in an overall view with attention to detail, then u stamped pressure vessels might be your testcase.