Pressure vessel fabrication is a synonym for advanced techology in the light of the most stringent safety conditions. It calls for a lot of expertise and knowledge.

The best way to absorp this required expertise and knowledge is to look for a contractor that has what nowadays is called a ‘helicopter view’. Pressure vessel fabrication always is part of a larger whole, i.e., a complete installation.

This is not only literally the case, but also intellectualy. Although the term ‘pressure vessel fabrication’ has the word ‘fabrication’ in it, manufacturing is not the only thing that counts. Engineering is at least as important.

Klip BV from the Netherlands is a contractor that wants so see pressure vessel fabrication in both lights: that of fabrication and that of engineering. When taken together, any pressure vessel or complete installation can become both effective and cost effective as well as, of course, safe.

When you would be interested to talk about pressure vessel fabrication or any other topic in the process industry, we would like to discuss any possibility with you. It is what we do since 1947. We are still learning.