Piping spool fabrication is a service that any contractor should provide. The reason is that assembling piping spools off site has many advantages.

Piping spool fabrication makes it easier to guarantee the required quality and precision. Also, weather conditions need not be taken into account. Furthermore, specialization can be centered around the same people, a welcome idea in these times of labour shortages in the technical sectors.

From this perspective, Klip BV from the Netherlands wants to be involved in piping spool fabrication. Klip is a ‘one stop’ address in the sense that it not only provides piping spool fabrication, but also engineering and manufacturing as well as contracting (maintenance).

Piping spool fabrication has another advantage: as a contractor, it always gives you the opportunity to learn ‘on the spot’ what the new technological possibilities are about. We hope to a be learning from any of our customers in the outside world and bring these possibilities without our realm.

Apart from our core values of ‘always willing to learn’ we also consider it to be a core value to to stick to any agreement. If that agreement concerns piping spool fabrication, then we hope you would be willing to contact us.