Piping skids are certainly not the most simple components of any installation or plant. They are renowned for their modular flexibility. But building a ‘building block’ comes at a price: careful thought beforehand.

Careful thought should be given to piping skids even before they are built. Because of their flexibility and diversity, common knowledge need not always apply. Some extra creative thinking may come in handy, especially during the engineering phase.

Klip BV from the Netherlands considers itself to a contractor that is flexible enough to design, build and install piping skids. Because of this combination, the best efficiency should be achieved, without neglecting any safety consideration. This goes for piping skids as well as other components in an installation.

Indeed, piping skids are not isolated from the rest of an installation. They are an integral part of any installation, just like pipework and process equipment. Klip always want to strive for a total solution in which piping skids play their role, if (only if) necessary.

Our experience goes back to 1947. We always have wanted to learn from our customers in the process industry, the farmaceutical industry, the energy sectors and the food industry, among others. If you think it would be a good idea to explore mutual interest (in building piping skids for example), then surely we do.