The ‘Asme U-stamp’ is almost like a household name in the process industry. When being a contractor, it should be second nature to think in terms of the pressure conditions set forth by the Asme code.

Thinking in terms of an Asme U-stamp and its corresponding U-1 Form for the ‘Maximum Allowable Working Pressure’ is something that should be done in both the engineering phase, the manufacturing phase and the contracting phase.

Klip BV from the Netherlands considers itself to be a contractor that thinks along these three lines. The company considers this threefold expertise to be as important as the core value that the Asme U-stamp stands for: reliability.

Klip likes to think of the Asme U-stamp as a symbol of an overall reliability that should be promoted: always sticking to your agreement, craftmanship & involvement as a fruitful combination and always wanting to learn along the way.

If you think that the mark and form of the Asme code may stand for the same philosophy, then you could visit our website in order to explore possiblities together.